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'As clichéd as it may sound, ever since I can remember I have been making things out of anything that I could get my crafty hands on, from endless drawings for my friends and family to decorating and painting old broken violins in my college days. Whilst at university I increasingly felt like a fashion student in a musician's body and I found myself spending more and more of my time 'honing my craft'. Before long, I realised that there was an apparent lack of distinctive yet fun hair accessories available on the market at an affordable price; therefore, I began extensively researching the best ways to make hair accessories that oozed both of these qualities and, thus, Beauxoxo was born. I like to channel the idea that hair accessories, like pieces of jewellery, can transform a look and enhance personal style whilst also making fresh fashion trends accessible to those on a budget.

In 2010, I began selling my pieces on a local level at markets and through 'I Love Crafty' in Bristol, before officially launching my international Etsy store in the same year. My
business soon escalated when, in 2011, I was invited to attend and partake in the Clothes Show Live 2011. During the event, I was approached by Jamie Stevens, the X Factor hair stylist, who subsequently purchased a variety of my pieces for Little Mix to wear on the show. To my surprise, when the Final show aired, Perrie walked on stage flaunting one of my glitter bows. Since then, my business has boomed and there has been a real demand for my unique yet wearable hair accessories, turning what was once a part time sewing and crafty hobby into a full time dream job!

Beauxoxo is an online boutique that boasts an array of lovingly handmade pieces, for wonderfully affordable prices. What started back in 2010, as a girl's dream for chic yet inexpensive hair accessories, has now blossomed into a worldwide success, and now everyone is able to adorn pieces that are complimented by a unique blend of both whimsical and playful charm.'

Thank you so much for all the support on my crafting venture,
Georgie xoxo

Text by: vivatramp.blogspot.com